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RAIS Outdoor fireplaces for grilling

July 31, 2019
New Outdoor Products from RAIS

RAIS creates incredible ambience in outdoor cooking with the finest materials available for outdoor exposure. Corten steel products will weatherize perfectly and hold up for a over 100 years. 


This bonfire stove is a manifestation of design. It could hardly be simpler or more beautiful. There is plenty of room for family or friends around the wide dish with the flat grill. RAIS Circle will become the natural gathering spot for all sorts of outdoor fun and big and small culinary experiments. So get grilling, frying, roasting and baking... Or just let the fire speak for itself in the dark night or at sundown. The Circle is made of corten steel and becomes even more beautiful with age. 

RAIS ANGLE fireplace: 

Graphic, sculptural grill for beach or patio. Eye-catching centrepiece for cosy gatherings and outdoor cooking. Naturally patinated.

Comes with stainless cooking grill. Stands 68 inches tall