RAIS and the environment...

All RAIS stoves are certified with the Nordic Ecolabel, also known as the Swan.

Consideration for nature and the climate has always been a high priority at RAIS, and we were among the first companies whose stoves were certified with the Nordic Eco-label.

Our newest wood burning stoves and inserts meet even stricter requirements, for efficiency and particulate emissions than those of the Nordic Ecolabel. RAIS stoves are recognised globally for being environmentally friendly.

We continue to focus on developing and optimising combustion, including collaborations with Aalborg University and the Danish Technological Institute. As a guiding force in the industry through the years, RAIS has repeatedly set new standards for the environmental requirements for modern wood-burning stoves.

We call them CO2 neutral because the amount of CO2 emitted when fired correctly is equal to the amount of CO2 the tree would have emitted while decomposing in the forest.


Thus, a free-standing RAIS stove only emits half of the maximum allowed by the Nordic Ecolabel, and only one-third for inserts. In addition, the efficiency is well over the 73 percent required by the Nordic Ecolabel.


Environment-friendly firing

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The excellent figures for heating value and particulate emissions require firing as prescribed, with dry, untreated wood, e.g. firewood from forestry, regardless of wood type. See more in the Responsible Wood Burning film. Follow its advice for the sake of the environment and your neighbours.


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