RAIS 500³


We have uploaded CAD drawings for professional use by architects and other building professionals. 

To be able to use our CAD drawings, you must have AutoCAD version 2000 or version 14 or similar software installed on your computer. If you have an earlier version of AutoCAD or are for any other reason unable to open the drawings please contact us. We will try our best to send you the drawings in a format that is compatible with your computer.

RAIS_500_DXF.dxf1371 KB
Indbygningsmål_mursten_3G_salg.pdf.pdf134 KB
Indbygningsmål_panel_3G.pdf.pdf93 KB
RAIS_500-3G_Glass_door.pdf.pdf173 KB
RAIS_500-3S_Steel_door.pdf.pdf167 KB
RAIS_500-3G_5119004_dxf.dxf.dxf2132 KB
RAIS_500-3S_5119104_dxf.dxf.dxf1930 KB
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Rais 60
All RAIS fireplace inserts are beautiful and elegant, designed to fit any open fireplace. 

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