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Advice to do maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential for the long life of your stove

When you buy a stove you make a long-term commitment. It is therefore important to take good and proper care of your stove to ensure its long life. All RAIS stoves come equipped with maintenance and cleaning information specific to that stove.

Below you will find a list of general advice and hints on cleaning and maintenance of RAIS wood-burning stoves.


The chimney sweep must check your chimney and stove at least once every year.

A sooty glass door can be cleaned with the help of ash. Moisten a piece of paper, dip it in ash and rub it over the glass to clean it. You may also use glass cleaner which can be purchased at all maintenance centers.

The firebox is cleaned by removing the ash through the riddling grate into the ash pan, or the ash can be shoveled directly into a bucket. The ash must be stored in a non-flammable container until it is suitably cold. However, it is prudent to not remove all the ash during cleaning as the fire burns best when there is a layer of ash in the firebox.

Ash once cooled can be used as fertilizer in the garden or it can simply be thrown out.

Soapstone can be cleaned with a regular paint thinner purchased from any paint store. However, if there are spots on the soapstone that cannot be cleaned with a thinner they can be removed with sandpaper.

The stove exterior can be best cleaned with a dry sponge. You may also clean the exterior of your stove with Senotherm spray. Senotherm ensures that your stove maintains a clean and attractive surface for years to come and can be purchased from your RAIS dealer.


The stove should be cold before cleaning and maintenance is performed.

Rais - Advice to do maintenance


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