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Advice on installation


Following are stove-installation rules that must always be observed:

  • Stoves must be installed in accordance with national laws and regulations as well as the guidelines on the approval stamp on the stove.

  • The chimney is the "engine" of your stove and must be installed correctly for proper burning of firewood. The chimney must have a certain height and be in good condition to provide sufficient draught, without which the stove will not function properly. Contact your local chimney sweep for more information.

  • It is important that the room where the stove is set up has ample supply of fresh air. This is vital for good chimney draught because even light ventillation can cause pressure and therefore reduce the draught in the chimney.

  • Ensure that the floor can hold the weight of the stove and the chimney.
    Always place the stove on a non-flammable surface. In addition, flammable substances must not be stored close to the stove. More information on how far the stove must be kept from flammable materials is listed in the guidelines on the approval stamp on the stove.

  • Never make alterations to the stove by yourself, and always follow the advice of your stove dealer and manufacturer. Unauthorized alterations to your stove may cause it to function improperly and therefore not burn firewood efficiently and economically. Also, any alterations to the stove will void the guarantee that comes with it.


Rais - Advice of installation


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