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The very first RAIS...

The first RAIS wood-burning stove was developed in the early 1970s, when the energy crisis hit Denmark and fireplaces were installed in many homes.

A customer had forgotten to order an insert for a brick fireplace, which gave architect Bent Falk the idea of designing a free-standing wood burning stove that could be manufactured in advance and ready for installation, just like the customer wanted. And so it started!

The RAIS 1 design turned out to be groundbreaking and trendsetting: a stove in three sections with a covered firewood magazine at the bottom, a firebox in the middle and a baking bay on the top.

The name also practically came automatically. The stove was manufactured in Randers, which was called Rais in Viking times.

The owner of Paustian in Copenhagen wanted to exhibit the wood-burning stove; the next RAIS 1 was built for this purpose. After 3-4 years, interest in the stove began to grow. In 1974, the first series of RAIS 1 stoves were produced; at the same time, the company began advertising in the Danish interior design lifestyle magazine, Bo Bedre.

And a number of smiths around the country tried to produce copies of the stove during those first years...

The fundamental idea and the main elements of RAIS 1 proved to be long-lasting. The stove has been further developed and is today known as RONDO. 

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